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Welcome to KT’s Kitchen, a specialty private chef and green catering company based in Stinson Beach focused on local, organic food. Let me cater to your needs. I believe that food can be medicine, especially when it comes from local, organic vegetables, dairies, meats and fish and other seafood here in Marin County. 

Having lived in West Marin for over 12 years -- and prepared and served food at a host of community events for environmental, spiritual and community causes -- I know personally many of the farmers that grow some of the most tasty and healthy food in the world. Folks like Kevin Lunny at Drakes Bay Oyster Company in the Point Reyes National Seashore, Mark Pasternak at Devils’ Gulch Ranch in Nicasio Valley, and Susan Martinelli in Paradise Valley in Bolinas, and many more stewards of the land. And that's why I am a member of Marin Organic: (www.marinorganic.org).

Looking for a Private Chef while staying out at the gated community of Seadrift (www.seadriftrealty.com; www.hwyoneprop.com and www.oceanicrealty.com) in Stinson Beach? That is my usual stomping grounds, and I regularly serve both locals and visitors residing there. But I also can find venues for your special party in nearby Bolinas either downtown (www.11wharfroad.com) or on idyllic Horseshoe Hill Rd (www.mannfamilyfarm.com.)

I love to prepare all kinds of food.

Do you like an old-fashioned fat Filet Mignon prepared the way you might get served at a restaurant in Paris, France?

Or are you a vegetarian tired of the same old same old?

I also love to show people on special and limited diets that all food is indeed medicine.

Can you smell the nice vegetable soup warming up on the stove? Well, come on in and let’s eat!

A Few Tips about Wedding Coordinators 

As a Private Chef that has worked at many weddings, both large and small, throughout Marin County and beyond at a variety of venues, I have learned quite a bit over the past few years. When it comes to wedding coordinators, they can either save the day, or make your life miserable, and can even damage your previously untarnished reputation.

According to some websites I reviewed, the wedding coordinator is part of the wedding planner team and is generally responsible for the following: flowers; DJ; the photographer; ensuring that the facilities are ready for all aspects of the ceremony set-up; solving last minute emergencies. It was with these latter two categories that I ran into problems.

As a result of a recent experience working a wedding at a bucolic site, but which turned into a logistical nightmare, I thought I would share some insights, without naming names (and trying not to pinpoint blame!) Here are a few lessons learned I would like to share with my fellow cooks, brides and grooms and, yes, wedding coordinators:

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UCSF Carol Franc Buck Breast Care Center: Healing Power of Good Food

Since I participated in the UCSF Franc Buck Breast Cancer Center’s “Taste for the Cure and Taste of Science” event in San Francisco today, I’ve been giving more thought how I, as French Private Chef based in Marin County, can help prevent and perhaps cure women addressing the very real consequences of breast cancer, as well as other related maladies. So here is my message to you.


Why not treat yourself to seasonal, organic custom made menus delivered at your home or cooked in your kitchen?

It is people like you who need the attention and service of a private chef. Sit back and feel good, and let me pamper you with food that is both delicious and healing.

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The Dinner Salon @ Kale

For those "locavores" seeking an opportunity to indulge oneself with fantastic French food created from the bounty of West Marin, you know have that opportunity.

KT's Kitchen, in cooperation with the Ocean Song Retreat, are launching a monthly salon beginning this week on this Thursday. You can find out the details and directions at the following website: www.oceansongretreat.com

Once a hang out of beat poets, this place is magical, and has its own farm located right on-site: Duxberry Farms. The inaugural launch will feature the wines of legendary Sean Thackery, who also hails from Bolinas.

The menu is exquisite and is as follows:

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How to Eat Delicious French Food -- and Lose Weight!

Now that the holidays are over, many of us think we have to eat like sparrows to lose weight.

Think again! I've lost 17 pounds over the past two months while still eating traditional French food -- including homemade "Foie Gras."

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Local Food is the Best Medicine!

Have you ever looked up the definition of food in the dictionary?

Here’s my favorite Webster definition: food is material which feeds and supports the mind or spirit.

Hailing from France, the idea of food as medicine was ingrained in me. People always wonder why French people live so long, despite their bad habits such as smoking tobacco and drinking wine.

My theory is this: Part of the process of eating food in France is, first of all, walking to the local farmer’s market two or even three times a week. So, food is linked to exercise. Of course, the other healthy aspect of life in France is that the process of eating is slow – the total opposite of fast food. Meals are to be shared in a relaxed atmosphere with good company. It is the human interaction and joy of sharing delicious seasonal food that is also medicine for the soul.


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