Private Chef in Marin County from France

Who I Am, Where I Come From...

Coming from France has shaped my view of the world, where going to the Farmer’s Market is a ritual to be experienced not once, but twice and often three times a week. At my mother’s house, meals would become special times of gathering and sharing everyday. There is the buying of the local, organic food, the preparing of the food, the presentation of the food, and then, the eating, conversation and finally, the clean-up. 

Food becomes a spiritual exercise, and something much more than just the next meal.

I call my food “Franco-Californian” as it merges the best of both Old and New World thinking. My food preparation is influenced by Normandy on the north Atlantic coast and the south of France, where the Mediterranean Sea took me under its spell. My mother and grandmother have taught me how to modernize traditional French recipes for daily meals, both simple and grand. Healthy, fat- and carb- conscious continental cuisine paired with California accents create an out-of-the ordinary meal.

But I also love to experiment, and in true California fashion, seek to develop a fusion of cultures in my food with its tastes, smells and presentations.

Personal Chef from Bay Area

I offer a special service for those wanting to eat strictly locally grown and organic food. But I’m flexible. I and can do both very high-end service offerings or tailor my service to your unique needs and budget. (I especially like to work with children and seniors…)

I pride myself in always pleasing my clients, whether I am a private cook serving in San Francisco or serving low-cost healthy meals based on food donations at a fundraiser for KWMR, West Marin Community Radio.

And while my name is Catherine, people – including my parents – call me KT. I spell it Kati, but people always think it is a typo. That’s why I now sign all correspondence simply with the two initials: KT.